MEYLE Slip Rings

The slipring range has been planned according to the Safety Rules requested by the European Standards EEC 89/392 Machinery Directive.

These sliprings are used to assure the electric continuity among two parts of an engine, one fixed and the other in rotatory movement relating to the first one.

The offered range is wide and versatile thanks to constant researches as a solution to the different needs of our customers.
MEYLE sliprings as standar or customer specific versions can solve applications such as:

  • digital signals transmissions (low voltages and currents) for computer, video or measure signals
  • power supply for high currents (up to 2000 A)
  • small dimensions even with several rings

Our constructions are modular with high possible number of rings and as versions with different current (A).

Many types can be used with rotary joints for fluid applications.

MEYLE Slip Ring overview catalogue

Slip Ring Application

Slip Ring Applications

  • Crane
  • Wind Turbines
  • Pipeline inspection systems
  • Rotary tables
  • Amusement park carousels
  • Bottle filling plants
  • Video inspection systems CCTV
  • Robots
  • Packing machines
  • Textile machines 



  • Customized compact and cost saving designs, outer diameter from 12 to 400 mm
  • Transmission of high power rated current up to 2000 A
  • Transmission of standard buses like CAN, Ethernet, Profibus, ASI-Bus, etc.
  • Integration of encoders, heaters, connectors, assembled PCB’s
  • Robust designs considering harsh environment as salty air, vibrations, temperature changes, etc.
  • Optimized for a life time up to 20 years or 150 million revolutions, using proved contact technology 
Slipring application

Slip Ring Collector 30A

The 30A slip ring collectors are sets of rings coupled with brushes designed to allow current to pass from a fixed to a ratating part. The 30A series is used to supply crane motors, cable winders etc..

The 30A slip ring collectors may habe only 30A line rings or they may habe both 30A line rings and 10A auxiliary rings. They habe an shock-resistant thermoplastic protection to prevent accidental contacts with live parts; the protection has small downward holes to allow air circulation and prevent moisture. The lower support plate is also provided with three holes to drain the moisture which may form inside the unit.

Slip Ring Collector 30a

Slip Ring Series ASRAX

New Development with wide range of application

The characteristic feature of our new developed slip ring ASRAX is the modern design and the big variety of applications and variations of the product specifications. Due to the modular extendable segments it can be adopted flexible to the parti-cular requirements. Various materials for rings and brushes allow the transmission of high electrical power, signals and data for different BUS-systems. The bottom and the top of the housing are made of aluminium. The modular extendable segments are made of thermo-plastic material and they are connected by rubber sealing rings. The lamella design of the top of the housing helps elimi-nating high temperatures inside the housing. The cable entries of the rings are integrated axial; the entries of the brushes are integrated radial. The division of rotator and stator happens in the centre of the base part. In a radius of 75mm the rotating central pipe is located with the above inside the housing mounted rings on it. The brushes are fixed on top of the base part. The cable exit of the brushes is realized by two radial cable glands at the side of the housing. The cables of the rings are led through the central pipe. The cabling is already carried out completely with a standard length of 2 meters. Customized so-lutions are possible. Also plug and socket solutions are possible. Three different module sizes with power ratings of 20A, 50A and 100A are available. Rings and brushes are made of cop-pergraphite and can be covered with a silver or gold coating. This leads to a higher contact performance and influences the abrasion characteristics in a positive way. The slip ring ASRAX is also the base for several accessory parts like absolute encoders, micro switches or an additional media lead-through.


  • Aluminium housing with thermoplastic segments
  • Rated current 20A / 50A / 100A
  • 6 – 60 rings
  • Mixed versions
  • Protection degree IP 65

Application Fields 

  • Loading cranes
  • Packaging machines
  • Utility vehicles
  • Cable winders
Slip Ring ASRAX

Slip Ring Series ASRTP

Main Performances

In thermoplastic insulating material

Inside passage
42 mm diameter through steel pipe for the passage of hoist cables, fluid cables and piston stems

Vertical axis Cable entry Through 1/2” Gas cable entry on the inferior and superior flange. Inside terminal to connect the rings

20 A copper-graphite brushes, 30 A blade or copper-graphite and 50 A blade or copper-graphite

From 6 to 36 rings 20 A from 4 to 12 rings 30 A and from 4 to 12 rings 50 A
Mixed executions with 4 rings 30 A and till 30 rings 20 A

Armonized rules
EN 60947 - 5 - 1 EN 60529 EEC 73/23 – EEC 89/336 – EEC 89/392 Directives


Standard Types
G B6, G B9, G B12, G B15, G B18, G B21, G B24, G B27, G B30, G B33, G B36, G C4L,  G C6L, G C8L, G C10L, G C12L, G C14L,  G C16L, G C18L, G C20L, G C22L, G C24L, G D4L, G D8L, G D12L

Slip Ring ASRTP
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