MEYLE infrared sensors for steelworks

Infrared-sensors detect the infrared radiation emitted by hot materials and transform it into an electrical signal.


Built-in optics to narrow the field of view, combined with a predetermined switching temperature, provide for a wide range of applications. These include precise location and positioning of hot objects in, for example, steel and rolling mills, forges and foundries, and glass and ceramic installations. Hot parts can be tracked over distances of several metres, flames monitored, or mould part removal of hot objects checked.


The line includes compact versions with integrated processing electronics as well as models for ambient temperature of up to +290 °C, with fibre optic cable between the optics and the electronics. All components are housed in rugged stainless steel and fully potted for protection against moisture, steam, shock and vibration. Optical filters protect against spurious radiation.


The electrical versions are available as 3-wire types for 10 - 55 V DC and 2-wire types for 20 - 260 V AC/DC. Both versions are completely protected against short circuit, overload and polarity reversal. The pulsing short-circuit protection with high interference immunity provides automatic reset after the fault is removed. A built-in LED indicates the operating condition. Connection is via 2 m POKT-Therm cable or rugged connector with IP68 rating.

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Compact sensors (integrated evaluating electronics)


Compact sensor with stainless steel housing with 57 mm Ø, for ambient temperatures up to +75 C



Compact sensor with stainless steel housing with 78 mm Ø and cooling water connection for ambient temperatures over +75 C

Sensors with fibre optic cable


Evaluating electronics with stainless steel housing with 57 mm Ø for ambient temperatures up to +75 C



Evaluating electronics with stainless steel housing with 78 mm Ø and cooling water connection for ambient temperatures over +75 C




The evaluating electronics described above require a fibre optic cable and a lens. Rugged fibre optic cables with stainless steel sheathes are available in different lengths.


OK1, OK2, OK3

Lenses with stainless steel housings for various fields of view and shapes are available for different applications. 


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