MEYLE Projects - Engineering

Automation and Process Control...
... from one Hand

Complete system solutions for the automation of machines and equipment in

  • Factory automation
  • Crane control
  • Packaging machines
  • Machinebuilding
  • Food production
  • Beverage production
  • Wind turbines / Wind parks
  • Steel industry Oil- and refinery industry
  • Chemical- and pharmaceutical industry
  • Storage techniques
  • Materials handling
  • Robot and automated guided vehicle systems


Long term experience and competence in planning, engineering, commissioning and initial start up of industrial operations and processes.

The IHM engineering team with 14 certified engineers (Dipl. Ing.) from different fields develop concepts and solutions using products from market leading manufacturers.

  • Design and planning of industrial plants and equipments
  • Preparation of specifications and flowcharts
  • Process automation, visualisation and control systems
  • Design of electrical systems and panel building
  • Softwaredevelopment for Siemens, ABB, Allen Bradley, Modicon, GE Fanuc PLC
  • Dimensioning of drives and converters
  • Conceptual design of bus systems Profibus, Industrial Ethernet, CAN, Interbus, DeviceNet, ASI
  • RF and microwave identification systems for industrial applications
  • Cable confection and customer specific cable connectors
  • Complete material and purchase management
  • Worldwide subsidiaries and partners for system integration and engineering

In addition to turnkey systems and plants, modernization of older plants, such as conversion of S5 or AEG controls to S7 PLCs, is also offered.

PLC, Operator Panel and Drives System Integration with Meyle Engineering

  • Worldwide engineering service for System Integration
  • Siemens SIMATIC S7 programming and application integration
  • Siemens SIMATIC S5 to S7 upgrade installations
  • Human Machine Interface Systems with SIMATIC HMI
  • Motion Control with SIMOVERT
  • Industrial Ethernet, Profibus, Profibus DP, Profisafe, ASI
  • Process Control, Industrial Automation, System Solutions
  • Identification-, Visualisation-, Safety- and Motion Control Systems

Measuring Instruments an Process Control Solutions with Meyle Engineering

  • Worldwide engineering service for system integration
  • Level, pressure, flow, temperature, analysis and recording systems and components
  • Continuous ultrasonic level measurement with Prosonic
  • Pressure measurement with Deltapilot in any liquid and paste and Cerabar in gas, steam and liquids
  • Flow measurement with Proline Flow instruments:
    • Promag electromagnetic flow measurement for paper pulp, sludge, fruitmash and paste
    • Prosonic Flow ultrasonic inline flow measurement for chemical and petrochemical industry
    • Prosonic Flow ultrasonic clamp-on flow measurement for water networks, energy supply and all other areas involving homogeneous (solid free) liquids
  • Measuring instruments and automation solutions for the industrial process engineering industry
  • Process Control, Industrial Automation, System Solutions Contact us

Process Automation Systems in Ex-Area

Bus topology Profibus PA according to FISCO - Fieldbus Intrinsically Safe Concept


Extensive systems as existing in bulk chemical, tank farms or petrochemical industry are automated in most cases with proven Namur-valve technology directly to the process actuators.


These are usually in some distance to the next process control station. Thus, there are areas with a very low number of control valves and position feedbacks. To keep the wiring efforts low and to avoid error sources the connection of these individual binary signals is established via a fieldbus, i.e. Profibus PA.

MEYLE offers concepts and systems for Ex Area using the technical knowledge of our application engineering team and components from market leading German manufacturers.