MEYLE Encoder

Encoder overspeed switch combinations, redundant encoders, encoders with large hollow shafts, robust encoders for conveyors and steel works.

  • Incremental encoders with housing diameter 24 to 145 mm
  • Incremental encoders with 4 to 72 mm hollow shaft
  • Incremental encoders up to 80.000 increments resolution
  • Incremental encoders up to IP 68 / IP 69K (Food industry)
  • Incremental encoders with sinus output
  • Double- and triple mounting of incremental and absolute encoders for different electrically isolated outputs
  • Absolute encoders with housing diameter 36 to 200 mm, single- and multiturn absolute encoders with 10 to 30 mm through hollow shaft  
  • Absolute encoders up to resolution 17 Bit singleturn und 29 Bit multiturn
  • Bus encoders for Profibus, CANopen, CANlift, Interbus, DeviceNet, Ethernet, SSI, parallel, BiSS
  • Absolute encoders from 33 mm length (Ø 37 mm)
  • Heavy duty incremental and absolute encoders for steel, crane and paper industries
  • Linear encoders for length measurement with glass scale or long length metal tape up to 30.040 mm
  • Incremental and absolute linear encoders
  • Angular encoders up to resolution 1.800.000 increments (interpolated)
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