Solutions for Crane Manufacture and Maintenance Applications

Pendant Control Stations

Radar Anti Collision Device Ultrasonic Crane Distance Warning System

Infrared Anti Collision Laser System

Ultrasonic Transponder Crane Control System

Engineering and installations for crane industry – System integration

As an engineering company and system integration company MEYLE offers products from a single component up to complete system solutions for crane industry. System solution mainly focus on anti-collisioning systems, positionsystems, inverter and PLC controls.

Additional refurbishment of old cranes and upgrade to new technology is offered.

Drive and Inverter engineering and panel building

PLC engineering, software development and panel building

Crane manufacturer - Components

In the field of handling technique MEYLE offers a wide range of pendant control and remote control stations. As well as the standard button controls, there are also control panels with joysticks available.

In the area of transfer, especially for rotary cranes or slewing cranes, MEYLE offers a diverse number of solutions for the power transfer using slip ring collectors. With this the power is transferred from the rotational to a fixed facility.

In the area of limiting movements several position limit switches are available. The modern remote technology using these switches determines the end position limit. With the position limit switch we can realise stor-function or slow down and stop-function for both directions.

For the determination of exact positions for travelling trolleys or winches MEYLE offers four different models of rotary limit switches on offer. These are combined with the respective drive shaft, and depending on the covered rotations, can activate switch contacts. For a more accurate determination of the respective position MEYLE encoders or potentiometer can be installed. For example through the evaluation of the analogue signals we can determine the exact positioning of the machine.

Another widely used MEYLE product in crane construction are the main switches. These switches are available in the panel mount and the surface mount version. For maintenance action it can be secured with up to 3 locks. In the case of several people working on a crane, everyone receives his own lock. In this way the crane can only be put back into operation when all locks have been removed from the switch.

Joystick Stations

Pendant Control Stations

Main Switches

Incremental and Absolute Encoders, Speed Switches, Encoder Speed Switch Combinations

Crane Maintenance – Components

All machinery in the area conveyor and hoisting technique are subject to strict servicing-intervals. The electrical as well as all mechanical components are intensely used and as a result have to undergo regular servicing or when necessary replacement.

The machine controls are especially utilized. These are implemented through pendant control stations, control panels or remote control stations. As these components face the highest exertion and soiling, high maintenance is required.

The new technological developments in the area of remote controls have led to a number of adaptations of existing crane facilities to remote control technology. This included the replacement of older pendant controls, as well as the securing of remote controlled facilities with the aid of position limit switches installed. Many crane facility operators are making this modification within the framework of the normal maintenance-intervals.

Radio Remote Controls

Position Limit Switches

Rotary Limit Switches