MEYLE Compact Safety Control TB-1403

Machine safety can be as simple

For medium to large machines and equipment various requirements and tasks related to security are taken into account. Individual safety relays are often insufficient when simultaneously multiple emergency stop pushbuttons, safety gates and guard must be monitored. Some parts of machines shall be stopped immediately in case of danger, others with a time delay. In case of danger mostly only one part of the machine shall be shuts down, while the other parts can continue. Additional non safety control functions shall be realized.


The solution for all applications is TB-403 , the configurable safety system.

  • No programming required
  • Certified standard applications
  • 16 pre-defined safety applications programms
  • 14 safe inputs
  • 3 safe outputs
  • 3 Start inputs
  • 6 control outputs
  • In / output delays
  • Logical links between inputs and outputs
  • Special applications via SIM card
  • Suitable for highest safety requirements Category 4 / PL e and SILCL 3 according to EN ISO 13849-1 and EN 62061


Why TB-1403 is the most economical solution:

TB-1401 pays for itself already by use of a few safety-related inputs / outputs. Saves space and wiring costs and realizes a number of safety functions in a single system.

Compact Safety Control TB-1403 Brochure
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