MEYLE Ultra Slim Safety Module

The new Safety Dimension as of 2017

These utmost compact safety logic module with a width of just 6 mm have one common object:


Variant for max. requirements up to PL e / SILCL 3. Test pulses at the safe output enable error detection during operation.


Variant for requirements up to PL d / SILCL 2. No test pulses at the safe output. Specially suitable for controlling sensitive actuators.


To provide a modular and cost efficient safety solution, which has been reduced to the essential:

  • Wearless, safe semiconductor outputs
  • High diagnostic by means of Status and Error LED‘s
  • Extremely high modularity & cost efficiency
  • Variants for several applications
  • Up to PL e / Kat. 4 / SIL 3


USSM xE / xD are safety emergency stop modules for monitoring emergency stop buttons, safety doors and light curtains, as well as contact reinforcement of safe outputs (e.g. safe PLC outputs) to machines and plants. The modules are also certified for continuous operation in furnaces according to EN 50156- 1 / EN 746-2.


  • Use up to PL e, Cat. 4, SILCL3 (depending on variant)
  • Stop Category 0 according to EN 60204-1
  • 1 two-channel safe input
  • 1 safe solid-state output (PNP)
  • 1 auxiliary output (PNP)
  • Automatic or monitored manual start
  • 6.2 mm width
  • Extensive monitoring via front LED‘s
Ultra Slim Safety Module Manual
Ultra Slim Safety Module Datasheet
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